Ready to go even deeper with Partner Talk?

Ready to Perfect Partner Talk?
Ready to take Partner Talk to the Next Level? 

So, you’ve started using Partner Talk in your classroom.

That’s great!  
But .......

  • Are you still wishing you could make your mathematics discussion even better?
  • Do you still have questions on how your kids start listening and responding to their partners without faking their way through?
  • Do you feel like it’s time to go beyond the basics and advance your students' mathematical understanding further? 

Partner Talk Level Two gives you the structures you need to orient students to one another’s thinking and guide your students to even deeper and more meaningful math conversations.

Get real strategies that you can start using immediately to make Partner Talk even better!

When you sign up for Partner Talk Level Two, you’ll get practical step-by-step guidance so that you can start using it in your classroom right away!

You'll learn how to:

  • use sentence frames/starters so that students can gain confidence in their voice and ideas
  • create a plan for when to rehearse and when to stop and discuss
  • implement purposeful weekly partner talk goals 
  • get students authentically engaging with one another’s ideas without shallow discussion
  • train students how to ask and answer questions so that they can increase their own understanding as well as the ideas of the explainer
  • encourage active listening
  •  foster respectful agree/disagree discussions
  • teach students to connect and compare one another’s ideas
  • coach students to provide positive feedback to their partners along with constructive criticism

This training includes examples of real life experience and is delivered by an expert who has actually TAUGHT the program.

   And because I know that your time is valuable, it’s delivered without all the fluff you sometimes see in professional development programs.

”I’m obsessed with all the strategies you give to get ALL students talking and engaged, because that is definitely something I struggle with.”
“As a veteran teacher with 35 years in the classroom, I love how there is still so much that can be taken away from PD such as yours.”
“The structured (partner) talk ideas were great. I now have some great ideas for more productive turn-and-talks and ways to elicit the voices of my less engaged mathematicians.

Partner Talk Level Two: Question and Justify

Partner Talk Level Two is for teachers who already have in place:
(you took Partner Talk Level 1, and have these in place)

  • math partners
  • partner names
  • partner norm 

For only $37 you'll get:

  • strategies and norms for how to orient students to each others thinking and deepen student reasoning
  • access to the course for 120 days
  • a printable workbook
  • ability to work at your own pace at your convenience
  • a Clock Hour Certificate (6 hours)

Looking for a full staff solution?
Bring Partner Talk to your school or district!

A facilitator's guide is included so your entire staff can learn how to implement Partner Talk together.

Course Pricing

  • Partner Talk Level 2- Individual Price
  • $37 USD


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  • Partner Talk Level 2: Staff Package
  • $500 USD

    Full staff, up to 40 teachers included in this option.

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