A Math Expressions Membership for
 First Grade Teachers

Be EMPOWERED with the right tools, focused strategies, and ready-made resources.

LEARN the math you teach, the progressions of concepts, and  the best instructional practices.

GROW as a mathematician, a learner, and as a teacher.

Teacher Training Videos

Every unit, every month, I'll show you, via video, how to teach lessons,  concepts, quick practices, daily routines, etc. You'll build your  content knowledge and ability to teach a concept from the concrete to  the abstract. I'll support you with teacher questioning strategies, classroom management ideas, and more!

Ready-Made Resources

Every month you will receive access to ready- made print and digital  materials to support your specific grade level unit and lessons. All  materials are ready for your learning environments, online or in person.  The various types of printables and resources are listed above in the  success path.

Community Support

Grade specific community forums and Q& A support will be available inside your members only access area.

My understanding of the Math Expressions curriculum and teaching math to first graders have increased exponentially due to the squad.  Not only have I learned from Shannon's videos, but also through other teacher's guidance. It is nice to have a network of support in one place that is easily accessible. After watching Shannon's videos, I have a better understanding of the best ways to teach my students.  The extra activities provide students with meaningful practice.

Kayla Vacaro
1st Grade Tchr, WI

I have grown in my approach to teaching. I have become a much better math teacher. I love the inquiry approach of genius squad. I was bored and my students were even more bored when I used to model the skill. Now we work collaboratively to create understanding. I also am more aware of the continuum of understanding of my students. Even if one of my students is not understanding everything they can still feel empowered by what they do know and can explain instead of feeling defeated. 

Claire A.
1st Grade Tchr, CA

This is saving me time, making my lessons engaging, reminding me the importance of Daily Routines and QPs. I like using your resources so I don't have to create my own from scratch every day.  You are a gift to teachers everywhere!

Rebecca Holk
1st Grade Tchr, MN

I'm teaching remote and this is a lifesaver.  Your videos are really helpful as this edition is new to me this year. Thank you for making learning fun and enjoyable!

Tiffany Howard
1st Grade Tchr, IL

What does it look like inside the membership area? Press Play.

Grade Level Support

Professional development and teaching/learning materials just for YOU, for your grade, for your needs.

  • Teaching videos to show you the math, teacher questioning, etc.
  • Downloadable checklists, questions, and teacher-helper resources.
  • Digital and Physical resources for you and for your students
  • Best practices/strategies for remote learning, classroom management, material management, etc.
  • Strong community to get your questions answered

But wait, there's more!

Members also have access to these bonuses:

NEW Bonus for 2021-2022

Enroll during our open Summer Enrollment period for our ANNUAL subscription and receive our Back to School BONUS content.

This bonus will be delivered to your member's area August 1st.
Enroll in the annual membership to receive this bonus. 

Mini course Discounts

Not only will you receive discounts on all mini-courses, you'll also have access to course content for as long as you are a member (as opposed to the typical 90 day access).

extra resources

You'll receive four assets each  month to help you teach your unit. On months you don't begin a new unit, expect bonus resources! New content videos, new classroom resources and more!

free trainings

Trainings other teachers have to pay for, such as summer trainings and webinars, you will get as a part of your membership. These are valuable lessons that you or your school district would normally pay much more for.

Math Genius Swag

Be on the lookout for special deliveries straight to your inbox or mailbox.  Cool classroom swag and inspirations!

Clock Hour Certificates

Track your progress in each unit. Watch the videos, download the materials. Be rewarded at the end of each unit with a certificate of completion. Please check with your state/district/school for what is accepted. I offer the certificate, it is up to you to be sure it is accepted.

Locked in  Membership Rate

Members who join in July 2020 will be considered Founding Members. Their membership price will be locked in for as long as they are members in good standing.

This offer has expired and only applies to founding members from August 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Just imagine, if you love what I give for free, how much more would you love what you pay for? The membership will break off into separate communities, so there will be a separate Facebook group for each grade. My goal is to serve each grade level BETTER. Our main Facebook group will stay intact and I will continue to serve you there, but more of my energy will go to serving the teachers in these subgroups. If our membership isn't a good fit for you right now, it's ok! You can stay in our Facebook group, I'd love to see you there. Members will have many more benefits.

This depends on when you join. If you have an annual membership, you will have access to each unit as you join for a full year.  If you have a 6 month membership,  and you join in the summer months, you will have access to the recorded trainings, and then each unit beginning with unit 1  and each new unit as it is released each month for the duration of your membership. If you join in the winter months, you will have access starting with unit 3 and each unit as it is released after that (kindergarten is the exception, you will start at unit 2 in the winter months).  Each spring, accounts are purged of beginning of the year units so that they can be refreshed, added to, etc. and will re-release each year. You have access to materials and videos for the lifetime of your membership, as long as it is in good standing.  

As long as your membership stays active and is in good standing, your rate will never change. If you choose to leave the membership and come back, your rate will be the current rate at the time you rejoin.

No, this would be a violation of copyright. There is a slide deck for nearly EVERY lesson, but I've selected the most important/priority concepts and have modeled similar questions. You should use your teacher's edition as your main teaching resource. Following my slide deck you will see the revisions I made, additions, etc. I've made your lessons more engaging and have given you lots of support for each lesson. After using my slide deck, you would use the workbook and other examples as additional work/practice. You also will not see workbook pages in the lessons. Again, this is violation of copyright. If you have the rights, you may choose to add these to the slides once you download your copy.

While sharing is caring, it isn't so with single use licenses, in fact it's in violation of the terms of your membership and sadly memberships have been discontinued due to violating these terms. Your membership covers one license, one year of students. If you would like to be a team leader and go through the video learning, share your learning with others, I would encourage that! However, you are not allowed to share the videos, printables, or digital assets with other non-members. I'd love to have them in the group! Please invite them!! I very much appreciate your understanding in this and respect of my time, work, and intellectual property. I like to save money too, but not at the expense of someone else's work. Some districts have worked out building licenses with me. This is a different agreement. Contact me for more info.

I follow the order of the 2018 Common Core Version of Expressions. However, I've created alignment guides for you so when there are differences in unit order, lesson names, etc. I point it out for you and tell you where to go.  You will still have everything you need. The 2018 National version has 'extra' lessons and those will be in the squad this year. Again, I have alignment documents to help you with this. Parts of lessons may be in a different order, but I take liberties there to build the lessons in a more engaging way.

No problem. Just send me an email and I'll switch your grade's content.

‚ÄčI sure do! Please contact me directly for the current bulk rates. Bulk rates begin with 8 teachers. Teachers across a district can be combined to give you the largest bulk rate option. This is the MOST economical and effective professional learning you'll get with your PD dollars. Many schools and districts use the Squad in their PLCS, watch videos together, etc. It has been very successful.

No! Because this membership is about professional development, not merely resources, many districts and schools are purchasing these memberships for individuals, grade level teams, etc. However, many many teachers pay for it personally as a time and sanity saver. They deduct it from their taxes and or use it towards recertification.

This is not a perfect system, but it is an option. It is important that you click 'next lesson' after viewing a video or completing lessons in the Squad area. This marks it as complete. Once you have watched the videos in a unit, you should get access to the certificate of completion. Each certificate is set at 3 clock hours of professional development, but 100% of the unit must be completed to receive the certificate.

Just send me an email letting me know your school is paying. I can send you and the person in charge information and an invoice. I need a purchase order to give you a seat in the membership. Once I have this, you are in! Some schools are even going 'halvsies' with teachers. They pay half, the teacher pays half.

I'm convinced you'll love this community so much, you'll never want to leave. However, I know sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. While I don't issue refunds, you may stop your membership at any time.  Your monthly fee covers the full month of access. You will need to notify me of your choice to cancel by the 5th of the month.  You will have access to the month's content through the 5th of the month you have paid. For 6 month and one year memberships, you are not refunded as the moment you join you are given instant access to many month's of content, training, etc.  Months not used in your membership may be a prorated refund minus the content you were given access to and it's value. 

Coaches, support staff, and specialists should contact me directly so we can figure out a plan best for you.  I REALLY believe in the power of instructional coaching and I want teams to be successful. Doing the membership together will offer the greatest results. Most intervention staff choose a couple of grade levels for which they need the most support and get memberships to those. It is on the 'wish' list to create a membership just for our instructional coaches and interventionists. Be on the look out and join this waitlist if you are interested in that (it will NOT be available in the 2021-2022 school year).

To receive the incentives  of enrolling/renewing in the Spring, you just need to commit to a number of licenses. We will do a letter of intent and a purchase order.  Once you know your actual numbers, we can make modifications. We won't need teacher emails, names, grades until  you are ready to give them. Even once we have them in the system, we can make changes as your staffing needs change. 

Great. See above. Let's reserve your spots, get a letter of commitment, and you can submit your purchase order by July 1st or August 1st, depending on your fiscal year. You will reap the benefits of the early enrollment window plus all the bonus assets, but we can delay your payment.

Good question. There will be periodic zoom calls with members from across the country. These are more Q & A and great for building community. If you are looking for unit by unit coaching to learn the math together, use the assets from the squad together, etc. then please get in touch,. I do this type of coaching in person or digital, with model lessons or without. It's one of my favorite things to do. Let's schedule your team's coaching sessions now!