Moving Forward in Mathematics

A workshop replay covering an acceleration and recovery approach using Math Expressions

How do we move forward in mathematics with students who have unfinished learning?

What does Core instruction look like? How should it change?

How do we provide CORE instruction AND intervention for students? What are sample schedules?

What tools should we use?

What do we do with the information ? Who? What? When? Why? And how do we connect this to Math Expressions?

What exactly should we do in our intervention groups?

This workshop covers all of this and more!

Course Curriculum

What would you say is your biggest take away from this workshop?

*Time is crucial. Focus on TOP 3.
*Just in time scaffolding.
*The reteach cycle.
*All of the documents and resources.
*Don't make skills gatekeepers of grade level instruction.
*I loved the ideas on different ways to schedule intervention
*The concept of targeting our instruction to provide Tier 2/3 instruction in a way that is actually feasible.
*Return to the basics.
*It reinforced so many best practices... stop chasing squirrels!
*The flow charts are amazing!!
*So much I can't list it all!! Best hour!!!
*The difference between accelerating and remediating learning.

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