Digital Learning Environments to Support Mathematics PreK-6

Although these resources were created with Math Expressions lessons in mind, they are available to any and all teachers and it is our hope it increases student- teacher interaction during in class and online learning.

Co-authored by Dr. Karen Fuson, author of Math Expressions, Shannon Kiebler, and Robyn Decker

See student work in real time

Using Google Slides and Jamboards, free to all internet users, teachers can now watch and listen to students work with manipulatives as they teach.

Build deep understanding with visuals

Using the most critical tools for each grade level, these environments allow for students to visually represent his/her thinking in multiple ways.

Draw and Model Thinking

We've recreated the math boards needed for each grade level in a way that allows students to use a drawing tool to write, draw, and demonstrate mathematical thinking.

This includes links to all of the grade level materials:
* Google Slides with manipulatives
*Jamboards with grade level scaffolds and tools
*Quick Practice slides for each unit
*Daily routine slides for each unit

*3rd Grade Fact Fluency Slides

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Meet the Authors

Dr. Karen Fuson

Author, Math Expressions

For more than 50 years, Dr. Fuson has worked with and studied students and teachers learning how children learn mathematics. An author for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The National Research Council, and the National Council of teacher's of Mathematics, to name a few, Dr. Fuson's work continues to impact children and teachers worldwide.

Robyn Decker

Education Consultant

Robyn Decker is the elementary math consultant for a regional educational support in Michigan.  She provides professional learning, coaches teachers, and creates content and support for remote learning.

Shannon Kiebler

Professional Development Specialist

Shannon works with schools and districts, nation wide, and online, to help students and teachers with best instructional practices in math.  A  national speaker and elementary math coach, she prides herself on helping teachers and students see and become the mathematicans they were always meant to be.