Transformed Lesson Planning - Webinar

Need lesson plans that don't 
require hours on the internet in order to keep students highly engaged?

3 Secrets to Transformed Lesson Planning

Join this FREE 75 minute webinar to discover the 3 secrets behind effectively transforming your textbook lessons into highly engaging learning experiences that leave ALL students engaged, invested, and confident.

Become More Efficient

By changing your focus, and learning how to pick out the important parts of a lesson, you will become more efficient, not only with your lesson plans, but with your lessons.

Now more than ever, we need to save time and get more out of the time we have with students.

Become More Effective

Get better results  with these three secrets, ALL of your students will have more opportunity to access the mathematics, grow in his/her understanding, connect to others' learning, and overall become more proficient in mathematics.

Become Happier

Let's put the joy back into teaching mathematics for both you and your students. We can increase engagement and overall enjoyment of lessons as we simply shift our lesson structure and role in the classroom. We can do this no matter your current learning environment, remote or in person.

In this FREE 75 minute training, we'll cover your:

Launch:  How the launch of a lesson impacts the results (and SPOILER, stating the objective is not the launch for which we are looking).

Focus: How doing less and having the right focus will save you time and will increase student proficiency.

Role: How changing our role in the classroom fosters growth mindsets and makes learning student-centered.

Need to simplify your lesson planning process?

Do you desire to cover more content, with deeper understanding, in less time?

Want to take the curriculum you already have and simply transform it into more engaging lessons?

Join this FREE 75 minute training.  Register Now.

This webinar will be live captioned.
It will also be recorded.  The replay will be available for a limited time. Attend live for a chance to win a copy of my book, The Itty- Bitty, Teeny-Tiny Tumblers Go to School

We know our classrooms need to be more 

The futures that we are preparing our students for are not the same futures of which we are preparing students.  The education we received then is not the same education that our students need now.  

We know that our teacher roles must change.

We know on some level that our role in the classroom has to change because students are just too dependent on us and want us to understand FOR THEM.
But let’s face it…. It’s exhausting figuring out the next best lesson, materials, and methods.

As teachers, we already spend our free time scouring the internet for inspiring and easy to implement materials.  Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just use what we have and simply transform how it is used?

We know we need a simplified planning process.

Me too.  And I’ll tell you three secrets to get you there in my free webinar training.

"I've never thought of teaching math like this. 
I'm so inspired and motivated right now!

4th Grade Teacher, CA

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Join this FREE 75 minute training.  Register Now.

This is a Must-Attend Training if…

  • You know that something has to shift in how you deliver instruction.  The gaps are too wide, the independence is low, and the helplessness is high.
  • You want engaged students who like math and who believe they are good at it.
  • You’re going through the motions with your curriculum/resources, and you’re bored.  Your kids are bored and let’s face it, it’s not producing the results that you know you can get.
  • You need simple.  “Someone just tell me what to do and how to do it!”

 "This is the best hour of PD I've had in years." 

First Grade Teacher, MN

I'm Shannon Kiebler

As a teacher, coach, professional development specialist, and a national mathematics speaker/trainer, I believe in empowering, inspiring and equipping teachers with the mindset, strategies, and tools that they need to effectively grow as mathematics teachers and learners.
Math should make sense.
Math should be fun.

I'm a teacher at my very core and have trained hundreds of teachers just like you with simple, yet transformative strategies.

Join this FREE 75 minute training.  Register Now.