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Transformed Lesson Planning

The Transformed Lesson Planning Workshop is now closed.
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I'm Shannon Kiebler

As a teacher, coach, professional development specialist, and a national mathematics speaker/trainer, I believe in empowering, inspiring and equipping teachers with the mindset, strategies, and tools that they need to effectively grow as mathematics teachers and learners.
Math should make sense.
Math should be fun.

I'm a teacher at my very core and have trained hundreds of teachers just like you with simple, yet transformative strategies.

Using the materials you already have, we can simply transform your lessons so that both the teacher and the student win.
Teachers need simplicity and effectiveness, without hours on the internet.
Students need to be able to access the content and stay engaged.
We can have both.

Teachers Are Able To:

Simplify lesson planning

"I can plan effectively using a quick five-step process. Using a template or sticky notes, I've got this thing!"

Orchestrate powerful classroom discussions

"I can identify the types of thinking I see around the room and then select and sequence the ones that wll provide the best discussion and movement towards our learning goals while building community and efficacy in all of my learners."

choose the right problems

"I can weed through textbook fluff, as well as problems that take away student thinking to select problems worth building concepts from."

Choose less problems

"I can select less problems with confidence!  Dear goodness me I felt like a drill sergeant rushing through all of the problems every day.  Less is more.  Now I understand when it's time to practice a lot of problems and when we're trying to build understanding."

generate and use open questions and prompts

"I get the difference now between an open and a closed question and how a conversation stops or continues based on what and how I ask it."

Anchor learning as an explicit teaching strategy as well as a spiral review

"I can break apart and define the thinking of the day to make it accessible for all students. I can use the key learnings of each day in my unit to help revisit and review concepts."

Students Are Able To:

increase a sense of efficacy

"I can do this!"

Fully Engage in every lesson

"I have something to offer."

Persevere without direct instruction to make sense of mathematics

"I can try something, this is just my rough draft thinking. I can get started and then revise my thinking. I don't need constant teacher help."

Consistently engage in math reasoning

"I can repeat what I heard, add on, make connections, or explain my own thinking."

Reason, compare, & Contrast thinking and methods

"I can engage with your thinking and compare it to my thinking instead of just regurgitating the teacher's ideas."

Use multiple methods

"I know demonstrating multiple methods means I'm flexible in my thinking and I therefore have a stronger foundation."

What are past participants saying?

 "I now look at lessons very differently.  I have never been the "sage on the stage" type of teacher, but this course really allowed me to bring inquiry into my curriculum much more than I had previously."

Former Workshop Participant
Kdg Grade Teacher

 "I feel like our students are having a better undersatnding because they are doing the thinking. I love seeing student confidence improve. I have fully committed to helping teachers implement this workshop's ideas in our building."

Former Workshop Participant
Instructional Coach

 " The 5 step lesson planning approach is so helpful and is a concise way to create a lesson plan.  I also enjoyed the videos to observe actual teaching with the strategies.  I learned student engagement and interest will increase when you begin to change your instruction to a more inquiry based approach."

Former Workshop 2019 Participant
4th Grade Teacher

 " My goal in taking this workshop was to design lesson plans in which I could engage more of my struggling students. I wanted to build their math confidence.  I have learned all of that! Most importantly, I'm not the hero in the classroom and they've taken ownership of their learning."

Former Workshop 2019 Participant
5th Grade Teacher

Just for registering, you'll get these bonuses:


Private Facebook Group Community

Get support along the way through Q&A's and frequent Facebook lives. Post what you are working on and get feedback from the community.


Facilitation Guide

Taking the workshop with a group? Some of the most successful participants in the workshop take the workshop with others. This guide will help you plan the group time vs. individual work time. You'll get guiding questions and other helpful tips to keep your group moving and learning together.



Once you learn these transformative strategies, you'll need a way to keep them at your side for future lesson planning.  Multiple checklists will help keep you on track!


Digital Teaching Guide

Transforming your lesson plans goes for both in person and online teaching.  In this digital tech guide, I'll give you insights and examples of using the strategies from the workshop in online spaces.

More testimonials from teachers like you

 "Excellent progression of learning.  Clear Targets and explanations of strategies. I have taken many online classes for both under-grad and post- grad work. This was one of the best!

Former Workshop Participant
1st Grade Teacher

 "Shannon's ideas are powerful, effective, and easy to implement.  Thank you!"

Former Workshop Participant
2nd Grade Teacher

 "I enjoyed the whole workshop.  It was work, but it really made me stop and think about what was really necessary to teach and what was not."

Former Workshop 2019 Participant
2nd Grade Teacher

 " Now, as an Instructional Coach- while visiting other classrooms, I have this amazing tool (this workshop content) that guide them into thinking differently about their lessons, and planning."

Former Workshop 2019 Participant
Instructional Coach

Frequently Asked Questions


A: You’ll receive two emails shortly after you register. One will be from Grassroots Workshops, where the workshop is hosted. The other will be from me and will contain all the information you need to get started. At the bottom of that email will be a button you can click to get started.
If you already have a Grassroots Workshops account, you'll be able to log in. Otherwise, you'll set up your account and then log in. There you'll watch the welcome video, download the resources (including the bonuses), and get ready for when the workshop officially begins.

A: Although I believe all grade levels benefit from the workshop as we focus on strategies to improve planning and instruction, the grade level examples used throughout the workshop are Kindergarten through 5th grade. Questions about whether or not it is a good fit for you? I’m happy to help you decide. Email me at shannon@empowerconsulting.orgg

A: This is an online workshop, so you need to have an internet-connected device and feel comfortable browsing websites. Most devices including computers, tablets, and phones should have no problem using the site. You will need to have the ability to watch videos. Some school districts block websites that play videos. If you can see the video at the top of the page, you're probably going to be fine. Please ensure that emails from will be received and not go to your SPAM folder.

A: If you complete a workshop and do not learn anything you can use in your classroom, email me at within 10 business days of the workshop ending to explain your situation and begin the refund process.

Registration opens May 6th, 2022 at 8 am PDT. The workshop begins on May 23, 2022 and ends on July 1st, 2022, but you have access to the workshop content for an additional ten weeks until September 9th, 2022. If for any reason you need more time, just email me at and we can talk about an extension.

A: YES! Click on one of the "Register Now!" buttons and continue through the checkout process. Choose the "Purchase  Order" payment option, list who Grassroots Workshops should follow up with for payment, and then complete the checkout process. The person you list will receive an email with a receipt soon afterward with all the necessary details to complete the payment process.  That person can use the link to email and submit the purchase order or pay via check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to Grassroots Workshops and sent to: 703 Pier Ave, Suite B362, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

A: Yes. You'll simply need an email address for each person you’d like to register. Begin by clicking on a "Register Now!" button. Then, in the "Order Summary" section, adjust the number of registrations from 1  to the amount you want. Next, enter your "Contact Information" and click on the "Continue" button. In the next step, you'll have an opportunity to enter the people you'd like to register. Then just complete the registration process like normal.

The Transformed Lesson Planning Workshop costs $297

A: You can earn 2-4 graduate-level professional development credits through University of Massachusetts Global, part of the Chapman University System. You must register for EDTU 9105 - Transformed Lesson Planning to earn the credits. 

Please check with your school or district to determine whether these credits are accepted.

A: Yes. After the workshop is over, participants will be able to download an electronic certificate of participation (or certificate of completion if you complete the workshop). It will list the date, the number of professional development hours you earned, your name, my workshop's name, and my name. If you need any other information on your certificate, just email and explain what you need to have added.

A: I believe if you are investing in this course, you are serious about making changes in your instructional practices. Therefore, each lesson and module contains follow-up activities and assignments that involve reflection, planning, and trying out a strategy. Plan for between 1-2 hours of follow-up work for each module. I’d love for you to interact in our Facebook group so that you get the most out of this learning experience. 

A: Not necessarily. Over 70% of workshop participants are reimbursed for the cost of the course. Many administrators and teacher organizations (unions and teacher associations) have funding for which you can apply. We provide you with a certificate of participation as proof that you took part in the professional development course.