Still need more information on the Math Genius Squad Membership?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I join the membership when you give so much for free on Facebook and in our resource page here?
Just imagine, if you love what I give for free, how much more would you love what you pay for?  The membership will break off into separate communities, so there will be a separate Facebook group for each grade. My goal is to serve each grade level BETTER.  Our main Facebook group will stay intact and I will continue to serve you there, but more of my energy will go to serving the teachers in these subgroups. If our membership isn't a good fit for you right now, it's ok!  You can stay in our Facebook group, I'd love to see you there. Members will have many more benefits.

How long do I have access to materials?
You have access to materials and videos for the lifetime of your membership, as long as it is in good standing.  

If I buy now do I always get this monthly/yearly rate?
As long as your membership stays active and is in good standing, your rate will never change.  If you choose to leave the membership and come back, your rate will be the current rate at the time you rejoin.

May I share the contents with my friends?

While sharing is caring, it isn't so with single use licenses, in fact it's in violation of the terms of your membership.  Your membership covers one license, one classroom of students. If you would like to be a team leader and go through the video learning, share your learning with others, I would encourage that!  However, you are not allowed to share the videos, printables, or digital assets with other non-members.  I'd love to have them in the group!  Please invite them!! I very much appreciate your understanding in this.  

What if I only want access to certain units?
This membership is set up to be about community AND support.  If you are only looking for resources, I will be selling parts of the unit planning in a teacher pay teacher store, however, their individual costs will be more than the monthly membership price.  

What if I change grades?
No problem!  Just let me know and we can switch your membership over to the new grade level.

I teach/coach multiple grades.  Do I purchase a membership at each grade level?
Coaches, support staff, and specialists should contact me directly so we can figure out a plan best for you. For founding members, I am currently offering buy 3 get one free, meaning, get three teachers at a grade level to invest in a membership, and the coach gets that grade level for free. I REALLY believe in the power of instructional coaching and I want teams to be succesful.  Doing the membership together will offer the greatest results.

Do I have to pay for this personally?
No! Because this membership is about professional development, not merely resources, many districts and schools are purchasing these memberships for individuals, grade level teams, etc.

How does my school pay for this?
Just send me an email letting me know your school is paying.  I can send you and the person in charge information and an invoice.  I need a purchase order to give you a seat in the membership. Once I have this, you are in!  Some schools are even going 'halvsies' with teachers. They pay half, the teacher pays half.

What about refunds?
I'm convinced you'll love this community so much, you'll never want to leave. However, I know sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. While I don't issue refunds, you may stop your membership at any time.  Your monthly fee covers the full month of access. You will need to notify me of your choice to cancel by the 5th of the month.  You will have access to the month's content through the 5th of the month you have paid.