Make Math Class the Best Part of Your Day


Discover the math genius inside you… and in your students. 

Lesson by lesson resources and video instruction combine to allow you to use the math curriculum you already have – better.   

Ready to be the best math teacher you can be?

You want to improve, but at your own pace. You need a guide to follow and clear action steps to take. You need the support of a community. A place to ask questions, to be celebrated and encouraged. Never judged. 

It’s time to say goodbye to trying to figure it all out yourself.  

It’s time to say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by all the content.

It’s time to get empowered. To learn. And to grow into the math teacher you want to be. 

What if you could...

Feel empowered 

with the right tools, focused strategies, and ready-to-use resources.


and truly understand the math you teach, the progression of concepts, and the best instructional practices.

What if you could love math again?


as a teacher while you and your students grow as mathematicians.


The Math Genius Squad

This membership is for you.  
Get monthly/unit support for YOUR specific grade for YOUR specific curriculum.  
You are unique. So is your journey. Let me take you from wherever you are, to where you want to be! 

What's included in the membership?

Teacher Training Videos

Every unit, every month. Learn how to teach lessons, concepts, quick practices, daily routines, and more. Increase your content knowledge and ability to teach a concept - from the concrete to the abstract. A video for nearly every lesson.

"I watch the videos for each unit and lessons to help remind me of why we are working on certain skills and concepts.  I also love that Shannon shows how to use manipulatives to help students better understand concepts. " -Intervention Teacher

Grade Level PLC Support

Need a roadmap for your team? Look no further. A professional learning community guide is included for each unit. 

"It has helped us as a team collaborate on new ideas on how to teach. Using inquiry to start off lessons. It has also helped us with small group ideas." Tiffany, G1

Ready-Made Resources

Support your specific grade level unit and lessons with materials designed for in-person and online learning environments.  Google slides and Jamboards to improve engagement and conceptual understanding of each lesson.

"I feel like I have grown so much as a math teacher this year thanks to the squad! I use the videos, resources and slides. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of the content and feel like my students are ore successful! " Christen, G2

Community Support

Inside your grade-specific members-only group community, I work with you – in real-time – answering questions and supporting your goals. We have a private grade level 

"The community is very helpful and supportive." Nikki, G4

Extra Resources & Games

Avoid spending time and money on TPT. Find all the extra resources and games you need to make your lessons come alive.  Enjoy additional printables, challenge activities, and scaffolds to improve lesson by lesson teaching.

" The 5th grade students understand decimal place value better after we used some of the slides and materials from the Genius Squad. " G5

Small-Group Activities
& Stations

Find aligned and differentiated support for every unit in the small group section. 5 stations included for each unit. 

"The students love the center games/centers " Kdg

More on Small Group Activities included in the membership.

That's Not All!
Your membership now includes these BONUSES

The First
10 Days

Lesson plans for each grade level.

Aligned to your first unit in Math Expressions, these are designed to help front load Unit 1's content,  includes activities for building community, a growth mindset, and more.

AVAILABLE TO ANNUAL MEMBERS ONLY. Not included for monthly paying members or 6 month paying members.

Additional Trainings

Summer trainings, book studies, and webinars are part of your membership! Teachers or districts pay more than the cost of the membership for just these trainings. These trainings include recordings of presentations I've done nationally, all included in your membership at no additional cost!

Unfinished Learning
R.T.I. Supports

How can we support students with unfinished learning?  How do we identiy our Tier 1-3 students? What do we do once they are identified? This bonus includes support for the top 7-8 standards your students need the most. You'll receive aligned intervention materials, as well as Genius Squad support materials for lessons in previous grades.

First Ten Days Lesson Plans

See video above for more info. Each grade is filled with activities just for your grade, aligned to your units, aligned to your standards, aligned to your curriculum.

get started today

Are you ready to become a Math Genius?

You want immediate, implementable ideas you can use in your classroom right now. You want better math lessons that work - for all your students. You want to feel confident about what you teach and how you teach it. Most of all, you want to know what you’re doing will actually help your students grow as mathematicians.  

Are you ready to spend less time planning with my simplified, done-for-you lesson resources and activities?  

Are you ready to spend less time – and money – on TPT with Math Genius Squad small group activities that align to your standards and units?  

Are you ready to feel more confident and know you’re teaching math better than ever? My videos help you “get it” much faster than trying to go it alone.    

This Math Genius Squad is right for you if...

  • You worry you don't understand the math well enough to teach it.
  • You've tried teaching the concepts the way you learned them...and it is not working.
  • You don't have enough time to plan, be creative, or learn more about how to use the curriculum.
  • You want to differentiate lessons but don't have the time or resources..
  • Your students aren't engaged with the curriculum.
  • You want better math lessons that work for your students.
  • You're ready to be the best math teacher you can be!

Vikki, G3 Math Genius Squad Member

 "I have grown in my approach to teaching. I have become a much better math teacher. I love the inquiry approach of the Genius Squad. I was bored and my students were even more bored when I used to model the skill. Now, we work collaboratively to create understanding. I also am more aware of the continuum of understanding of my students. Even if one of my students is not understanding everything they can still feel empowered by what they do know and can explain instead of feeling defeated."-- Claire A. 1st Grade, CA

Make Math Class the Best Part of Your Day.

Foster the math genius in you and in your students.

I'm Shannon Kiebler

Founder, Speaker,  Author, Teacher  

I believe every student and every teacher, no matter their circumstances, can not only succeed but can THRIVE in the math classroom.  

Join me inside the Math Genius Squad to find out just how far you can GROW!  

Why should you learn from me? Simply put, I’m the best.

  • I’ve taught every Math Expressions unit in every grade (Kindergarten - 6th). 
  • I’ve worked in every Math Expressions copyright (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2018). 
  • I work very closely with the author of Math Expressions creating new learning tools.
  • I continue to work as an independent curriculum writer, professional development creator, and speaker.
  • For more than 20 years, I've taught and trained in classrooms across the nation at every ability and economic level.
  • I’ve had the unique pleasure of being a classroom teacher, a math interventionist, a math specialist, a math coach,  and a math consultant. 

I didn't grow up loving math nor believing I could do it.  I grew to love it and grew in my belief I was capable of being not only a good mathematician but a great math teacher.  

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with math and want to bring that same love of math to you and your students.  


You can be the math teacher you've always wanted to be.  The math teacher your students deserve. Let me teach you how.

Kathy, G3

Frequently Asked Questions

Just imagine, if you love what I give for free, how much more would you love what you pay for? The membership breaks off into separate communities, so there is a separate Facebook group for each grade. My goal is to serve each grade level BETTER. Our main Facebook group stays intact and I continue to serve you there, but more of my energy goes to serving the teachers in these subgroups. If our membership isn't a good fit for you right now, it's ok! You can stay in our Facebook group, I'd love to see you there. Members will have many more benefits. 

You have access to the materials and videos for the lifetime of your membership, as long as it is in good standing. Slide decks, jamboards, etc., that are downloaded continue to be yours even after you leave the membership, but you will no longer receive revisions, additions, etc.

While sharing is caring, it isn't so with single use licenses. In fact it's in violation of the terms of your membership.  Your membership covers one license, one classroom of students. If you would like to be a team leader and go through the video learning, then share your learning with others, I would encourage that! However, you may not share the videos, printables, or digital assets with other non-members. I'd love to have them in the group! Please invite them. I very much appreciate your understanding in this.   

This membership is set up to be about community AND support. If you are only looking for resources, I will be selling parts of the unit planning resources through my website store and Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Individual membership rates do not change as long as your membership is continous and in good standing. Bulk enrollments, such as school, team, or district enrollments are subject to change based on bulk enrollment changes and price increases.

No problem! Just let me know and we can switch your membership over to the new grade level. Restrictions do apply to the 6 month or annual plan depending on when a change is being made. If you are at the end of your enrollment, changes may require a prorated fee.

Each grade level access requires it's own membership. Coaches, support staff, combo teachers, and specialists should contact me directly so we can figure out the best plan for you.  I REALLY believe in the power of instructional coaching and I want teams to be successful.  Doing the membership together will offer the greatest results.

No! Because this membership is about professional development, not merely resources, many districts and schools are purchasing these memberships for individuals, grade level teams, etc. If you choose to pay for it personally, it qualifies as an educator tax deduction.

Just send me an email letting me know your school is paying. I can send you the person in charge  information and an invoice. I'll need a purchase order to give you a seat in the membership.  Once I have this, you are in!  Some schools are even going "halfsies' with teachers.  They pay half, the teacher pays half.

Bulk enrollment rates begin at groups of 8 teachers or more.  Bulk rates can apply to the entire district. For example, if School A enrolls and School B, their enrollment numbers work together for the largest possible discounted rate. Full district options are available, as well as full implementation plans to aid you in your use of the assets inside the Math Genius Squad. Please contact me: to discuss your specific needs.

I'm convinced you'll love this community so much, you'll never want to leave. However, I know sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. While I don't issue refunds, you may stop your membership at any time. You will need to notify me of your choice to cancel before the next billing occurs. You will have access to the month's content through the date of the next billing cycle.

What Math Genius Squad Members are Saying

I've told you all the reasons I think the Math Genius Squad is right for you.  Now I'm going to let some squad members, teachers just like you, tell you impact it has had on their teaching.

The resources from the 1st grade Math GEnius Squad have been incredibly helpful to me! I appreciate the unit videos to guide my planning, the slides that save me time creating lessons, and the skills I am learning about how to support my students as they develop the ability to explain their thinking.  These have all been so  helpful and will be the foundation of my math instruction moving forward.

Rebecca Holk
1st Grade Teacher

The slides are also helping my students engage with learning and have concrete understanding.  These materials are my lifeline.

Kayla Macy
5th Grade Teacher

I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work!  I really thought I was a decent math teacher before, but!!
Every night, I put my earbuds in and watch your videos while I'm packing lunchboxes and cleaning my kitchen.  And every day I've got jaws dropping and standing ovations after class!! Yesterday, I overheard three boys saying math class is more fun than recess. YESSSS!

Jen Greevy
4th Grade Teacher

Take the first step toward becoming a Math Genius

Lesson by Lesson Resources & Videos (Value $560)
Small Group Activities Per Unit  (Value $199)
Additional Coaching Support and Community for year ($999)
Unfinished Learning & RTI Supports ($199))
First Ten Days Lesson Plans (Value $47)

TOTAL VALUE   $2,004/ year

that's only $29 a month!!

Annual Subscription


Auto Renews. Subscription.

  •  Includes First 10 Days of Lessons
  • Immediate access to all units
  • Save $58/ year over 6 month  plan

6 Month Plan


Access ends at 6 month mark. Does not auto renew.

  • Unit Access is limited depending on enrollment . Click enroll now to learn more.
  •  Does not include First 10 Days of lesson plans

How does the cost of the Math Genius Squad compare to other Professional Development?

click image above for PDF of cost comparisons

Look at all of the teachers, schools and school districts who using the Squad to improve math instruction for all.

Friendship, WI

 Red Bluff, CA

Blue Earth, MN

Columbus, NE

Corning, CA

Lake Tapps, WA

La Grange Park, IL

Roseville, CA

Chaska, MN 

Eau Claire, WI 

Lancaster, WI

Omaha, NE

Moraga, CA

Mt Shasta, CA

Mukilteo, WA

 North Branch, MN

Soldiers Grove, WI

Bothell, WA

Naytahwaush, MN 

Pinckney, MI 

Pinckney, MI

Manuel Benigno Cueva

San Diego, CA

Wilmington, DE

Roseville, CA

Canyon Country, CA

Waseca, MN

Mound, MN

Alamogordo, NM

Albany, MN

Bay City, MI

Battle Creek, MI

N Crystal, MN

Belle Plaine, MN

Belmont, MA

Haltom City, TX

Burnsville, Minnesota

Cambria, WI

Capitan, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Coquille, OR

Mechanicsburg, PA

Lake Tapps, WA

Dillingham, AK

Dilworth, MN

Lynnwood, WA

Elkhart, IN

Fairport, NY

Fremont, CA

Menomonee Falls, WI

Grand Haven, MI

Hamilton, MI

Hamilton, NJ

Hastings, NE

Honolulu, HI

Hemingford, NE


Hill City, MN

Appleton, WI

Green Bay, WI

" Highland, MI"

Janesville, CA

Golden, CO

West Jordan, UT

La Mesa, CA

Lawrence, KS

Lawrence, MA

Ludington, MI

Madison Heights, MI

Anaheim, CA

NW Albuquerque, NM

Markesan, WI

Marshall, WI

Somis, CA

Minneapolis, MN

Norwalk, CA

Norwalk, OH

Oak Creek, WI

Oregon City, OR

Orinda, CA

Oxford, MI

Lacygne, KS

Pasadena, TX

Pasco, WA

Pierz, MN

Pinckney, MI

Junction, UT

Placentia, CA

Portola Valley, CA

Dover, NH

San Diego, CA

Redwood Falls, MN

Virginia, MN

Ronan, MT

Roseville, CA

Robbinsdale, MN

Santa Ana, CA,

Maple, WI

Auburn Hills, MI

Sharon, MA

Sodus, NY

Madison, SD

San Francisco, CA

South St. Paul, MN

Chesnee, SC

Neenah, WI

Stillwater, MN

Santa Clarita, CA

Superior, WI

Templeton, CA

Tigard, OR

Tustin, CA

Waconia, MN

Whitewater, WI

Franklin, TN

Woodland, CA

York, NE


Become the math teacher you want to be!